Feed solutions make the difference

EWOS has developed solutions for the aquaculture industry for eight decades, creating value for our customers and continuously improving business efficiency and sustainability.

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2014 marked our first full year as an independent company under new ownership.  It has been a busy year for everyone at EWOS, but we continued to provide feed solutions that make a difference for our customers.

Health feed solutions

EWOS has introduced a health feed concept to describe an innovative portfolio of feed products that contribute to the health and welfare of farmed salmon in challenging sanitary conditions.  Since introducing the first health feed, EWOS Boost, more than 15 years ago, our health feed portfolio has matured to include a rich mix of anti-parasite feeds, products to support the salmon immune system and a new and exciting segment of clinical diets. Sales of health feeds are increasing and our customers clearly follow our recommendations to strengthen the fish through feed in order to prevent decease and lice.

A newly independent EWOS will continue to invest in research and development for the benefit of our customers – expanding on our efforts to support fish health and nutrition and manage an increasingly complex raw material environment.

We recently announced our largest investment in research ever, our new EWOS Fish Health Centre in Chile. This state of the art research facility will allow us to greatly expand our ability to develop our feed-related solutions to critical industry challenges such as sea lice, SRS and AGD, adding significant capacity for fish health research globally.

Raw material solutions

Our own solutions are impressive, however our collaboration with suppliers in the development of sustainable raw materials adds further value for our customers. This ongoing work has enabled us to reduce our marine dependency on fish meal and fish oil from a global marine index level at 59 percent in 2002 to just 31 percent in 2014.  This has enabled a significant growth in salmon aquaculture volumes the past decade without increasing demand for marine ingredients, but we will not stop there.

Together with Hordafor in Norway, we work to increase the use of marine trimmings and by-products in our feed. Marine trimmings and by-products are a nutritious resource for salmon feed that otherwise goes to waste. In 2014 our use of fish trimmings and by-products was 25 percent globally and 30 percent in Norway (as a % total marine ingredients in the feed). EWOS is also engaged in research for new raw materials, such as modified plant oils and microalgae.

Transparent reporting

As a large global purchaser of raw materials EWOS is conscious about our ecological footprint. Sustainable aquaculture feed depends upon responsible sourcing. To practice this, we monitor and audit our suppliers. In 2014 we performed 48 supplier audits in total (41 were planned). This is a stable level compared to 52 audits in 2013. A Code of Conduct for Suppliers clarifies what we expect of our suppliers in terms of ethical standards.

Through our sustainability reporting we strive to be transparent in our use of raw materials and report a number of sustainability indicators. Among these is the amount of registered community complaints in relations to our business, mainly our feed plants. In 2014, 9 complaints of a minor nature were registered and followed up world-wide through our quality control systems, compared to 7 in 2013.

Seafood for generations

By being the global innovator in aquafeed, we will continuously improve sustainability and contribute to providing seafood for generations. 

You will find extensive information on how we do this in the sustainability report.

Einar Wathne